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About Hearing Aid Repair

Caution: Don't let any hearing aid dealer tell you that your hearing aid can't be fixed. There is no real way for them to know until they can open it and professionally diagnose the problem.

Most Hearing Aid Repairs are due to the following:

          √  Bad Mics

          √  Receivers

          √  Tubing

          √  Volumn Control

The above issues are relatively easy to fix. 

However, if the circuit goes out, the cost will be higher.  We will quote the cost at the time of your hearing aid inspection.

The Hearing Aid Repair we offer is for internal, mechanical issues.  Call for quotes on damaged shells or faceplates.

You can always depend on a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on any Hearing Aid Repair you purchase with

Always H.E.A.R. Hearing Center.

If your hearing aid cannot be fixed, we will send it back and refund your money.


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How to Proceed (5 easy steps)

1.  Call us if you have questions about Hearing Aid Repair for your unit:  (309) 664-6200.

2.  Be sure to give us your contact information by phone, or you can include it your email to us:

Please also include in your email message an explanation of how your hearing aid is behaving.

3.  Carefully pack your Hearing Aid in a solid box, and we suggest that you also wrap your heaing aid in a cushioned packing material to avoid damage in transit.

4.  Click the BUY HEARING AID REPAIR button located at the top of this page, and choose whether you want a 3, 6, or 12 month warranty with your repair.

5.  Mail your hearing aid to our repair center:

Always HEAR Hearing Center


2101 Eastland Drive

Suite F

Bloomington, IL 61704